Drive Axle and CV

Honda Transmission Repair

During my transmission repair, the manager was courteous and professional. He met me after hours on a Friday so that I could have my vehicle for the weekend. I have found the work completed in an honest and reliable fashion. ★★★★★


Drive Axle & CV Joint Repair

In order for the horsepower from your engine to get to the ground effectively, several major systems must work together seamlessly.  Along this journey the drive axle and CV joint(s) facilitate this transfer of power.  They are designed to allow the most power possible to get through without being lost.  CV stands for constant velocity, and the joints allow movement along the drive axle.  There is a rubber CV boot that covers the joint to keep it debris free and safe from things coming into contact with it.  Over time, rubber breaks down, lubricants lose viscosity, and moving parts degrade.  When your vehicle needs any form of drive axle or CV repair work, come to Village Auto Works in Roseville and Woodbury for our integrity-based, expertise and great prices.

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