Exhaust System

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During my transmission repair, the manager was courteous and professional. He met me after hours on a Friday so that I could have my vehicle for the weekend. I have found the work completed in an honest and reliable fashion. ★★★★★


Enjoy Quiet, Safe Drives Again

Whether you’re going on errands across town or a road trip across the country, your exhaust system needs to be in top shape.  Its job is to filter the exhaust fumes from the engine and quiet the noise your car makes.  Several parts make up your exhaust system.  At the engine it starts with the exhaust manifold which captures all the smoke and toxins and directs them down, away from the engine.  The catalytic converter is like a multi-stage filter that removes toxins and unspent fuel before the muffler can reduce engine noise.  Lastly, the tailpipe directs this waste away from the underside of your car.  At Village Auto Works in Roseville and Woodbury, we can resolve any exhaust system issues and keep you and your passengers safe from dangerous exhaust leaks.

  • A Working Exhaust System can Improve Horsepower
  • Our Exhaust Services & Repairs Keep You Safe
  • All of Our Technicians are ASE Certified
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