Wheel Balancing

Honda Transmission Repair

During my transmission repair, the manager was courteous and professional. He met me after hours on a Friday so that I could have my vehicle for the weekend. I have found the work completed in an honest and reliable fashion. ★★★★★


Small Weight Change, Big Difference

It’s easy to underestimate that small metal weight attached to your wheels.  Compared to the size of the tire or the vehicle, it’s tough to imagine something that small could make any real impact.  The truth is, it does.  That small metal weight is the result of a precise computer readout indicating that imperfections in the wheel will affect performance on the road.  These imperfections can result in vibrations, bouncing, uneven contact with the road and more.  Continued vibrations or contact issues, even minor ones, will eventually cause issues with your tires, suspension, steering, hub assembly, balance & control points like ball joints, and more.  Come to Village Auto Works in Roseville and Woodbury for easy wheel balancing that will help you avoid these expensive problems.

  • Balanced Wheels Keep You Safe
  • Our Balancing Service Includes Vehicle Checks
  • All of Our Technicians are ASE Certified
  • Can’t Get to Us? We Offer Towing Service!
  • Our 5 Year/50,000 Mile Warranty is Good Nationwide
  • Village Auto is Roseville’s and Woodbury’s Premier Repair Shop