How to Know When to Change Your Air Filter

The air filter is the unsung hero of your car. A lot of people do not understand what an air filter does though. They assume it is part of the air conditioning system, and that it has something to do with the air that actually flows into the car. This is not the case. The air filter is actually a crucial part of the engine.

This guide is going to tell you three signs that it is time to change your air filter. It is not something that a lot of people talk about, but it is crucial nonetheless, as your engine’s efficiency is dependent on the air filter.

  • Your Car Becomes Less Fuel Efficient

This is not something that everyone looks for, but honestly it should be. Fuel efficiency is one of the most obvious and most valuable ways of appraising a car’s health. Fuel efficiency will not tell you anything specific, but it will tell you the condition of the car in general. It is also an easy way to appraise the air filter.

The reason for this is that the air filter and the fuel efficiency of your car are closely related. Your car uses a combustion engine, and that combustion is reliant on oxygen coming into the engine. The air filter filters out things that are not oxygen, and the dirtier the filter, the dirtier the engine.

This means that when a filter gets dirty, the engine gets less out of its fuel. It can cause a serious disruption in fuel efficiency to go too long without changing an air filter. 

  • Your Car has Gone 15,000 Miles Without a Filter Change

This is easy to keep track of, but also easy to procrastinate. You can already hear yourself making excuses: “I’ll do it later” or “I’ll do it at 20,000 miles”, and so on and so forth. But just about every car needs a filter change at 15,000 miles. It is both a matter of the previously mentioned fuel efficiency, and other car parts.

If you have never gotten an air filter change then it might be a revolution for you to finally get one. 

  • Ignition Issues

This is a problem that can be attributed to a number of things, sometimes incorrectly. Ignition problems will most commonly be assumed, either by yourself or your mechanic, to relate to the battery. This is usually true, so it is wise to test that first. But there are some ways to know if it is the air filter.

To begin with, the sound will be very different when it is the air filter. It will be more sputtery, more like your engine is coughing as it starts up. This should signal to you immediately that there is an air filter problem along with whatever else ails your car at the time.

These are just a few things to watch out for. Cars are complicated, and if you have any questions, Village Autoworks in Woodbury MN has you covered.