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shocks and struts

When your vehicle needs shocks or struts service, take it to the ASE-Certified Master auto mechanics at Village Autoworks in Roseville and Woodbury. We’re experts auto repair and transmission repair, and we recognize the vital role your shocks and struts play in helping you maneuver your vehicle.

Shocks and Struts Woodbury

As part of your suspension system, your shocks and struts help you, and your vehicle remained upright and headed in the right direction. If your car is bouncing down the road, veering in a direction that doesn’t match your steering, or you feel like you might just roll over coming around a bend, your suspension system, including your shocks & struts, is in trouble.

Don’t hesitate; take your vehicle to Village Autoworks, and let the expert auto mechanics correct the problem before something tragic happens. At our auto repair and transmission repair shop, we’re upfront about the way we do business. We’re family-owned and operated, and we’ll never scam or try to upsell you. Everyone at Village Autoworks acts with integrity, honesty, and trust. We treat you the way we treat our own families and hope to build long-term relationships that last generations.

When your shocks and struts need attention, give us a call and see for yourself why our stellar reputation for exceptional auto repair and fantastic customer service has been in place since 1983. Here’s a recent review from one of our satisfied customers who had suspension problems like you:

“Calvin helped us with a strut replacement and rocker panels on our 2001 Buick Century. He was very, very, helpful during the whole process. He took the time to show us the repairs, explained them, and gave us good advice on taking care of our car. Although it is somewhat old, it runs great and we are hoping to keep it running for a few more years yet. We have had all our work done at Village Auto in Roseville ( love the free Loaner service ! ) and plan to continue doing business there. They do an Excellent Job ! !” — Doug and Mary R.

Shocks & Struts Repair Near Me

If you have questions regarding your vehicle’s shocks and struts, call Village Autoworks or schedule an appointment online. We have two convenient locations: in Roseville at 2760 Fairview Ave. N., Roseville, MN 55113 and in Woodbury at 8276 Hudson Road, Suite 100, Woodbury, MN 55125. Our ASE-Certified auto mechanics look forward to taking care of you, your shocks and struts, and all your auto repair and transmission repair needs.

Expert Shocks and Struts Repair in Woodbury, MN

At Village Autoworks, we specialize in shocks and struts repair to ensure your vehicle’s suspension system functions optimally. Our team of experienced technicians has the expertise to diagnose and address any issues with your shocks and struts, providing a safer and more comfortable driving experience.

Comprehensive Suspension Services at Village Autoworks

Your vehicle’s suspension system is crucial for maintaining stability and control while driving. Our comprehensive suspension services cover a wide range of components, including shocks, struts, and other vital parts. We provide:

  • Shocks replacement to enhance ride comfort and control
  • Struts replacement to improve steering responsiveness and stability
  • Inspection and maintenance of suspension components
  • Diagnostics and repairs for suspension-related issues
  • Alignment services to ensure proper tire wear and handling
  • And more

Trusted Shocks and Struts Replacement

If you’re experiencing a bumpy ride or notice excessive bouncing while driving, it may be time for shocks and struts replacement. Our skilled technicians use high-quality replacement parts and advanced techniques to ensure your vehicle’s suspension system operates at its best.

When to Consider Shocks and Struts Replacement:

  • Excessive bouncing or swaying while driving
  • Uneven tire wear
  • Vehicle nose-dives when braking
  • Difficulty steering or handling
  • A rough or uncomfortable ride

Professional Shock and Strut Repair in Woodbury, MN

At Village Autoworks, we take pride in providing professional shock and strut repair services tailored to your vehicle’s specific needs. Our technicians are trained to work on a wide range of makes and models, ensuring that your suspension system receives the expert care it deserves.

Benefits of Choosing Village Autoworks for Shock and Strut Repair:

  • Skilled technicians with expertise in suspension systems
  • Quality replacement parts for reliable performance
  • Thorough inspections and diagnostics for accurate repairs
  • Transparent communication about recommended services
  • A focus on ensuring your complete satisfaction

Don’t compromise on your vehicle’s ride comfort and safety. Contact Village Autoworks today to schedule an appointment for expert shocks and struts repair in Woodbury, MN. Experience the difference between top-quality suspension services tailored to your vehicle’s needs.


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