4 Signs Your Tires Need Balancing

You know you should have your tires rotated every 6,000 miles but how can you tell if they need balancing? There are signs it’s time to head to the shop for tire balance. We here at Village Autoworks are enlisted to resolve these four common complaints that often indicate out-of-balance tires.

1. Vibration While Driving

If your tires are out of balance your steering wheel will vibrate. If they are really out of balance, your entire car will vibrate, especially at higher speeds. Most people think that this is an indicator of an alignment issue – and it is – but if you let go of the steering wheel and your vehicle heads to the right or left, you need to have your tires balanced and possibly aligned.

2. Unusual Noises

You know how your tires normally sound on the road and if they start to sound different when you drive on the same routes, you might have a balancing issue. Unbalanced tires often buzz or hum as you drive along, more so than your average road noise. As with vibration, if you go faster and the noise gets louder, you probably have unbalanced tires.

3. Wobbly Handling

If your tires are old and worn down, they are likely unbalanced. One sure sign you have a balance issue is wear and tear on the edges of the tires instead of the tread. This could happen with new tires, too, if they are faulty from the manufacturer. The result is wobbly handling, much like the vibration above. If you find you fight to control your vehicle, have your tire balance checked.

4. Uneven Pressure

Do you always have to add air to one or two tires yet the other tires hold pressure much better? This could mean your tires are out of balance. The air pressure in your tires will not always be even; some tires will deflate faster than others, but as a whole, they should all lose some pressure at the same time. This is why checking the air pressure is recommended every other time you fill your gas tank. It’s safe to say all tires have deflated some within this timeframe.

Village Autoworks has two shops ready to ensure your tires are balanced and remain balanced. We are located in Roseville, MN, and you can call us at 651-362-9598 to set up an appointment. We are also located in Woodbury, MN, and the number for that shop is 651-350-1466. Bring your vehicle in today if it shows any of the four signs listed above.

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