A Malfunctioning Fuel Pump Will Produce the Following Symptoms

Your vehicle will not operate as it should if the fuel pump is malfunctioning. The fuel pump is the pump that gets the gasoline or diesel fuel into the engine. The fuel pump, on average, lasts about 100,000 miles. Village Autoworks can inspect your fuel pump if your vehicle is suffering from any of the following symptoms. These symptoms are signs that the fuel pump is going bad.

Dead Engine

If the fuel pump is clogged or has died completely, your engine will end up with zero fuel and, as a consequence, it will be dead. Naturally, without any gasoline or diesel fuel in the combustion chamber, you will be unable to get your engine to start.

High-Speed Sputtering

If you do get your automobile started, you may notice that the engine will begin to sputter once you reach higher speeds. The faster you go the more fuel you need in the combustion chamber. If the fuel pump is struggling to meet this demand, your engine will quickly become fuel-starved and it will sputter and threatened to stall.

Poor Fuel Economy

A leaking fuel pump can cause a reduction in your fuel economy. If the fuel pump is pushing too much gasoline or diesel fuel through to the engine, this, too, will reduce your fuel economy. You need the fuel pump to operate efficiently in order for your engine to operate efficiently. A bad fuel pump is unable to send the right amount of fuel to the engine while you are driving.

Rising Engine Temps

Another sign that your fuel pump is dying is if your engine overheats and then stalls. The reason why your engine is overheating has nothing to do with the cooling system. Rather, the fuel pump motor is overheating and transferring that heat to your engine. The engine is unable to dissipate this heat and, as a consequence, it will overheat.

Stress Power Loss

You may also notice that your vehicle cannot maintain its power when you are driving up steep hills or when you are towing things. Stress power loss suggests that the fuel pump, again, is not providing the fuel to meet your engine’s power demands.

Surging Speeds

Finally, if the fuel pump is pushing too much fuel into the engine, your vehicle will pick up speeds sporadically as if you were driving a bucking bronco. Surging can definitely point to a problem with the fuel pump.

Village Autoworks in Woodbury or Roseville, MN, can help if your engine is doing any of the things listed above. Call us today for an appointment.

Photo by blacklionder from Getty Images via Canva Pro