How Does a Vacuum Leak Affect My Engine’s Performance?

Village Autoworks advises that a vacuum leak will affect your engine’s performance in numerous ways. We are going to list those ways below and recommend that if you suspect your automobile has an engine vacuum leak, bring your vehicle into our shop as soon as possible. Repairing the leaking vacuum hose will restore your engine’s performance and will also restore any accessory power that is affected by the vacuum leak.

You’ll End Up With High and Sporadic Idling

Keep an eye on your tachometer when you are sitting at an idle. If you see the needle dancing up and down, your engine likely has a vacuum leak that is causing a problem with the RPMs. You may also notice that your vehicle is idling higher than normal. Both of these things point to a vacuum leak in the engine that is producing excess air and affecting how the engine runs.

Your Engine Will Hesitate and Stall

This increase in engine air will also affect how your engine performs. For example, you may notice that your acceleration lags when you press down on the accelerator to pick up speed. If you pick up speed, your engine will hesitate and might even stall at higher speeds because, again, the vacuum leak is introducing too much air into it. The engine can also stall while you are sitting at an idle.

You’ll Hear Hissing Sounds or Suction

Many times, you can actually hear the vacuum leak. If the leak is small, you will hear hissing or squealing sounds coming from the engine. These sounds will be constant. If the leak is large, you will hear suction coming from the vacuum hose that is leaking. If you pop your hood while your engine is running, you may be able to pinpoint where the vacuum leak is coming from based on the sounds. The vacuum leak may be visible via a crack or disconnected vacuum hose.

Your Check Engine Light Will Come On

Finally, any time there is excess air in the engine, you not only suffer from the engine performance issues discussed above but your vehicle’s engine control unit or module will turn on the check engine light. It is receiving error codes from various system sensors that are detecting excess air. As such, it will turn on the check engine light to warn you of trouble.

Call Village Autoworks in Woodbury, MN, today to schedule an appointment for an engine inspection if you suspect your vehicle has a vacuum leak. We will find the leak and fix it.

Photo by groveb from Getty Images Signature via Canva Pro