My Car Has a Fluid Leak But I Don’t Know What it Is

If you use a white cloth or paper towel to sop up some of the fluid on your garage floor, you can tell its exact color. Village Autoworks advises that knowing the color of the fluid helps you identify which fluid is leaking out of your car, truck, or utility vehicle. Knowing the fluid’s identity allows you to determine whether you can continue to drive your automobile.


If the fluid is blue, you can likely continue to drive your vehicle. The most common blue fluid in automobiles is windshield washing solution. It doesn’t harm your car, truck, or utility vehicle to drive it with low windshield washing solution. It will harm your automobile, however, if the blue fluid is your engine coolant.


There are many brown fluids in your vehicle. As you already know, your motor oil is brown and your brake fluid is brown. Transmission fluid that needs to be replaced is also brown, and the differential oil is brown. Don’t drive your automobile if it is leaking a brown fluid.


It’s likely saved to drive your car, truck, or utility vehicle if the fluid leaking out of it is clear. Unless the fluid smells like fuel, it is water. Water drips from your air conditioning when it is on and it also drips out of the tailpipe.


Green, neon green, yellow-green, and blue-green fluid is engine coolant and antifreeze and you should not drive your automobile if it is leaking this. Driving your automobile, even in cold weather, opens you up to the risk of overheating the engine if it is leaking coolant.


If you see orange fluid underneath your automobile, it is leaking engine coolant that has rust in it. Unfortunately, this is a sign that your radiator bottom has corroded and the rust inside the radiator has eaten through it.


Pink fluid is also a very bad sign. Pink fluid is generally diluted transmission oil. This indicates that your vehicle has a breach between the transmission and the cooling system because it is the engine coolant that is diluting the transmission oil.


Red is also a common automotive fluid color. Your power steering and transmission fluids are red, and your engine coolant may be red. Another fluid that comes in red is brake fluid.


Finally, yellow, neon yellow, or yellow-green fluid is engine coolant/antifreeze.

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Photo by andreygonchar from Getty Images via Canva Pro