Village Autoworks and Your Transmission

A vehicle’s transmission is an often overlooked and even more often misunderstood mechanical part in your vehicle. You shouldn’t notice your transmission, so when you have transmission problems, you’ll quite likely notice right away. Village Autoworks has transmission experts to help you when things begin to act up. We can offer you a few tips on how to know if something is happening with your transmission as well as what not to do to your vehicle’s transmission.

Transmission Problems

We should first offer an extremely basic understanding of a transmission, The transmission converts the power created by your engine through a series of gears that provide that power to a drive shaft, that turns your axles and wheels. Like other critical pieces to your car, the transmission is essential to proper driving because it helps regulate the speed of your wheels and engine power. 

Signs of Problems

A vehicle is likely to feel shaky or could “slip” a gear, both of which will be readily noticeable while attempting to speed up. A gear “slip” often involves the vehicle lurching a bit while trying to find the next gear, it will feel like your vehicle is jumping. This often indicates a serious issue and you should bring your vehicle into Village Auto Works as soon as possible for a transmission inspection. We’ve seen every problem and our ASE Certified Technicians can help repair your transmission or replace it if needed. 

You might also notice leaking fluid on the ground. Transmission fluid is often red or pink. Some vehicles also have a transmission dipstick. The fluid should be clean and clear – a foul, burned smell or cloudiness or thickness are not good signs.

Transmission problems are often preventable. Village Auto Works offers a transmission flush along with your routine maintenance of items like oil changes and tire rotations. We can help you decide when to perform these based on your vehicle’s mileage and current behavior. 

What Not To Do

Village Autoworks has just a couple of pieces of advice that many people follow anyway. First, never shift your vehicle from park to reverse or reverse to park while moving. Without going into a lot of technical detail, the idea of making a moving object moving at speed suddenly travel in the opposite direction is not good for it. Some vehicles actively prevent you from shifting like this, and if you’ve done it by accident, the sound your vehicle makes will tell you why. Second, let your vehicle warm up. Especially in harsh Minnesota winters, let the fluids in your vehicle get ready and flowing and you’ll case less wear.

About Us

Village Autoworks is located at 8276 Hudson Road #100 in Woodbury, MN, 55125. We are second-generation family-owned and take lots of pride in our growing community. We love helping customers and repairing cars. Helping you get back to your daily life is one of our first priorities. We also offer same day service on most repairs in addition to a shuttle service and rental cars. You also have confidence in our parts as we offer a 5 year 50,000 mile warranty.