What Happens If I Ignore My Low Tire Pressure Warning Light?

Your vehicle uses a tire pressure monitoring system that alerts you when the tire pressure is low. This triggers a tire pressure warning light to come on, and it’s important that you get the issue addressed as soon as possible. Tires that have low pressure can affect your tire performance as well as your car’s handling and carrying ability. In addition, tires that have the right amount of air pressure will last longer and prevent excess tread wear.

What to Do if the Light Comes On

If you notice that your tire pressure light has turned on, you should check the air pressure as soon as possible. Make sure you check all four tires and not just one. Add air to any of the tires that indicate pressure below the recommended level. You can find the specific recommended levels for your vehicle on a sticker that is usually located on the inside of the driver’s side door. Be careful not to overinflate your tires, and only add air until it reaches the correct specified level. It’s important to note that this light can also come on if your pressure is too high as well.

Is it Safe to Drive?

If your tire pressure is only slightly low, you should be able to drive safely for a few more miles until you can add air. Tire pressure that is extremely low can lead to tire failure. This can result in a blowout, which can be extremely dangerous. You’ll also experience poor traction and your car won’t be able to properly absorb the impact of the road. This is extremely dangerous in bad weather conditions like rain or snow since your tires will not be able to get a firm grip on the road when you drive and turn corners.

The tire pressure light is specifically designed to alert you that there’s an issue with air pressure, so it should not be ignored. If you don’t check the air, you could be at risk of getting a flat tire. If you experience a blowout, it can cause serious repercussions that can affect your safety, the safety of your passengers, and the safety of other drivers on the road. Stop at a gas station as soon as you can and refill the tires until they reach their proper air levels. It’s the best defense against excess tread wear and a possible accident.

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