When to Call for a Tow Truck

As long as your car is running, you might think that you don’t need to call a tow truck. The truth of the matter is, however, that it might be dangerous to continue to drive your automobile. Village Autoworks warns that there are times when you should call for a tow to keep you and your car, truck, utility vehicle, or van safe and to avoid further damaging the vehicle. Here is a list of those times.

Brake Problems

Brake problems, especially overheating brakes can make it impossible to stop your automobile. If your brakes are acting strangely, squealing all the time, or your ABS or Brake light has turned on, pull over and call for our tow service to our shop.

Check Engine Light

The check engine light coming on means that your vehicle is experiencing a problem that could ultimately damage the engine. It can also mean that the transmission is having problems and continuing to drive your automobile will damage the transmission.

Engine Performance Problems

Engine performance problems are another good reason to call for a tow truck. If your vehicle is stuttering, stalling, or surging forward, there’s an issue in the exhaust, fuel, or vacuum system. Extreme surging can cause accidents.

Excess Exhaust

If your vehicle is releasing excess exhaust through the tailpipe, it could be burning coolant, fuel, or oil. This can create dangerous conditions, especially if your automobile is burning fuel. If it’s burning oil or coolant, continuing to drive it will damage the engine.

Handling Problems

Anytime your vehicle becomes difficult to handle, it’s important to pull over and call for our tow truck. You don’t want to lose control of your automobile and be the cause of an accident. Handling problems indicate an issue with the suspension, including a broken axle or steering system trouble.


Finally, continuing to drive your automobile while it is overheating can seriously damage the engine. If the engine gets too hot, you can crack the engine block. The only way to repair this problem is to replace the engine. Do not drive your automobile when it is overheating.

Village Autoworks in Roseville and Woodbury, MN, offers towing services for our customers. Give the shop closest to you a call if you feel your vehicle needs to be towed. Remember, it’s better not to take chances. If your automobile is acting strange or you are having problems controlling it, you want to avoid causing further damage to the vehicle or getting into an automobile accident.

Photo by Nejron via Canva Pro