Why Does My Vehicle Need A Coolant Flush

Your car uses coolant to help maintain the optimum temperature of your engine and to help prevent excess corrosion. As you drive, dirt and rust particles will float inside your coolant, possibly causing your radiator or heater core to become clogged. If this happens, your car runs the risk of overheating and it could become a much more expensive repair than you planned on. A coolant flush can help to prevent this issue from happening in the first place.

What is a Coolant Flush?

Just like the brake, transmission, oil, and power steering fluids, the coolant in your car should also be flushed and changed as part of your overall preventative maintenance. The process is fairly inexpensive, and it will cost a lot less than having to pay for a brand-new radiator or heater core, which can cost you hundreds of your hard-earned dollars. You’ll also be out of a vehicle until the problem is fixed, but a coolant flush is quick and simple. All of the coolant is drained out, and the new, clean coolant is added. It’s an easy process that many car owners overlook.

How Often Do You Need a Coolant Flush?

When it comes to the frequency of a coolant flush, the best rule of thumb is to refer to your vehicle owner’s manual. The manual should give you some kind of guideline as to how often you’ll need to have it done. Every vehicle is different, so refer to your manual to find out how many miles or how many months or years you should get the coolant flushed. Factory coolant that was added to your car when it was manufactured should be drained by around the first 100,000 miles or earlier. After you go over 100,000 miles, you should change it every three years or so to keep your engine running cool and smooth.

You can be proactive by performing regular checks of your coolant levels. Make sure your engine is completely cooled down, and then place a container under the drain valve. Allow a small amount of the coolant to drain so you can take a closer look at the color. If the color appears to be brown or rusty instead of green or orange, it might be time to have your coolant flushed. If you need a professional to check it, bring it to Village Autoworks and we’re happy to check your coolant levels for you.

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