Why Is My Air Conditioner Blowing Hot Air No Matter What I Do?

Few things are worse than hot air blowing through your vehicle’s vents when it’s hot outside. You want to make sure that your automobile’s air conditioner is working as it should be now, rather than wait to discover that there is a problem in the summer when you need the cool air the most. Village Autoworks would be happy to inspect your car, truck, utility vehicle, or van’s air conditioner to make sure that it is working as it should be. Let’s talk about some common problems that will cause hot air to blow through the vents.

Compressor Failure

The compressor uses high pressure to compress the air conditioner’s refrigerant. This is what makes the refrigerant cold and, as such, the air blowing through the vents into the passenger cabin cold. The compressor likes to be worked. In other words, the fact that it has been off all winter long could actually affect its ability to compress the refrigerant this summer. A malfunctioning or failing compressor will definitely cause hot air to blow through the vents.

Condenser Trouble

Once the compressor has compressed the refrigerant, it pushes it into the condenser where the refrigerant is turned from gas to liquid. The condenser is located in the front of your vehicle’s engine, and this leaves it susceptible to the debris found on the roads. Road debris can clog the condenser, and it can also dent or damage the condenser beyond repair. If the condenser is damaged, you may not get cold air blowing through your vents.

Low Refrigerant

Refrigerant levels can also be too low, and this could be the reason why you have warm air instead of cold air blowing through your vents. There are two ways that the refrigerant level gets too low. One is through a leak in your air conditioning system. It’s important to note that the leak may be minor and you won’t see any spots of refrigerant on your garage floor. The other way is through natural evaporation that happens over time with the air conditioning’s refrigerant.

Malfunctioning Fans

Finally, fans help cool the refrigerant and also blow the air through the vents into the passenger cabin. If any of these fans are malfunctioning, which can happen if you have an electrical problem such as a blown fuse, you will get warm air flowing through the vents or no air at all. We will inspect the fans to make sure they are working properly.

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Photo by coffeekai from Getty Images via Canva Pro